Best flight simulator game for android

If you go to Google app store and search for flight simulator, you will find so many to choose from. There are ones that requires you to pass certain training before you can actually play the real thing you are desperate for. Some might even need you to download additional file due to its memory size. But in all, there is only one that beats them.
It is an amazing one for any person that wants to enjoy flying on their mobile phone.
While playing, you don’t need to struggle on how to control the game keys. It is quite simple for anyone that likes to try it.

Which one is it?

turbo flight simulator android

Have you search and see Turbo flight simulator? It is not large in size. You can download it when you tab on the right button depending on your type of device.
It doesn’t need any special file installed before you are set to fly.
It has only tutorial that shows you how to use its controls. After that, you are set to fly around several green blocks. Each one you go across gives you a currency. It is best to make sure that you don’t miss anyone. You may not be able to unlock some missions when you have low amounts of the currency.

It has several missions. One of it is where you need to load a transfer, fly and off load it on a place.
You are can switch to one pilot seat or the other before or during flight.
Meanwhile, the left seem more comfortable for me. You can pick anyone that might be good during flight.

In the first paragraph, there is a place where it is noted that the game is simple. To be sincere, the first flight is. But as you progress, it becomes to be tough.
Sometimes, you need to play one mission for a week before you can get it right.
What you must understand why it is so is, flying is different from landing.
You may start the plan fly higher, go through each blocks, but while landing, you crash.
There is no checkpoint to take you to one position. You have to start all over again.

Turbo Flight Simulator is an ideal game that should be played by any flight enthusiasm.
On it, you be assigned so many planes which you can handle and have fun.
So, get a copy of from your android game store and play today.

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